Flute Secrets

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  The Instrument

    Flute Purchase Strategies

    The Choice; Choosing a Headjoint;

    Lip plate; The Riser;The Blowing Edge, Choosing a Flute; Materials; Reliability; Open Holes; Extra keys; Inline/offset; Flute                 scales; Checking the Pitch; Further Checks; Tube Thickness; Tube Diameter; MechanismComfort;

  Stretching Fingers; Thumb Keys.

    Repair Strategies

     Adjustments to your Flute;  Repair Flo-Chart.

   Flute Education Strategy

  Choosing a School; Choosing a teacher; The Famous Player; Preparing for the Audition; Reverse the Roles; Mock Auditions.

Practising Strategies

    General Practice.

   Practice: Making it a preference; Practice Schedules; Practice What You Can't Play; Use a pencil; Learning New Works;               Training your Ear (piano); Discipline; Remember your Weaknesses; Record Yourself;  Practice Standing; Time of Day;                   Regularity; Using a Mirror; Your Best Friend: The Metronome; Improvisation and Memory; Interpretation.


     Technical. Rhythm; Scales & Arpeggios; Use The Correct Fingering; Melodic; Tune up Even When Alone;  Regular Practice       of Melodies; Adding Lyrics for Better Understanding; Tone Shopping.; Tone Exercises; Playing in Tune.

       Listening to Harmonics: piano; Sympathetic Vibration; Equal Temperament; Tune up! Flutes Improve with Good Usage;            Regular Practice of Melodies; Adding Lyrics for Better Understanding.

 Technique and Melody.  Practicing Etudes; Vibrato;

      Articulation:  Single Tonguing; Double and Triple Tonguing; Mixed Articulation; Flutter Tonguing;

      Flexibility. Agility and Flexibility; Practising the Third and Fourth Octaves.

   Style.  Baroquery; 19th Century Bravura; Light Music and Jazz; Contemporary Music; Multiphonics; Circular Breathing.

Customising Strategies for your Flute

   Altering the Trill Keys; Lip Plate Insecurity; The  Rockstro Position; Fixing the C Sharp; Adjusting Middle D; Altering the Pitch        of  Any Note ; The Flat High D; 3rd Octave Tuning; Head Joint Insecurity; Main Body Insecurity; Open holes ; Foot Joint               Insecurity; Foot Keys Problems; Piccolo . Repair.

Sensible Strategies

    Carrying Flutes and Security; Travelling by Air; Several in one carry-on case.

    Orchestral Audition and Competition Strategy

    Orchestral: Preparation on the Flute; On the Piccolo; Pace your practice to avoid sore lips; Using Alternate Fingerings;                    The Accompanist;  The Piano Part; Tuning Carefully; Playing in Tune; Marking Breathing Spots; Choreography;                              Excessive or Inappropriate Vibrato.


     Style: get familiar with 18th, 19th and  contemporary  sounds; Stage Manner;  Stage clothing; Water.

    Flute Repairs

    Tool kit for minor repairs; Oiling a wooden piccolo or flute; Tube of Acyclovir; Damage to Keys.

    Professional Strategy:

    Setting up a Website;  Finance: Pay your Bills;  Returning Borrowed Music; Listen to Other Players; Attend Concerts; Go               Backstage Afterwards; Be Dependable; Punctuality: Always on Time; Dependability; Encores; Choosing a Publicity Photo;              Stage Fright. Books: Confidence Boosting;  Strategies for  the Performer; Bowing; Positioning with Piano;  Thanking People;         Video your Playing; Save your Lips! Using photocopies; The Law; Discovering New Repertoire: YouTube; Flute Lists;                    Experiencing Pain: Tendonitis; Tennis Elbow; Pinky Pain; Sore Lips or Mouth; Sore Spots on Hands; Using Anti-Perspirant;           The Use of Drugs; Writing Recommendations.

Teaching Strategies

     Setting up as a Teacher; Fees; Methods; Teaching Older Students; Teaching the Very Young; Setting up A Studio; Practice            Plans for students; Teacher's Own Practice Plan.

   Further Reading: A list of suggested books.