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 Trevor Wye. Biography.         





  The Carnival Concert. DVDs and Cds of jazz arrangements and solos. Also photos.

  Reviews and comments on Trevor Wye’s books, concerts and master classes.

     Regarding FluteArk: sadly it has closed.       

Carnival Concert

 Trevor Wye


Details of his latest book: Flute Secrets (Novello) 2017.  Reprinted with updates in 2018 and 2019.



Complete list of Trevor Wye’s books and editions.          

Flute Secrets

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  Puccini’s aria, One Fine Day. Played on a bicycle pump at a BFS Convention, Manchester.



The Minute Waltz. Chopin. Played in one minute on a Radcliff System flute damour in Bb at a BFS Convention. Manchester.

The Swan. Saint-Saens. Played on a bicycle pump in Albuquerque, USA.

A flute is made from a vegetable carrot and then played.  Boston, USA

The Triple Flageolet. The rarest member of the flute family. Played at a Kent School, UK

The Electronic Flute. It changes colour when played.  A Kent School, UK

Editions 1
Editions 1
Carnival Concert
Carnival Concert
Carnival Concert

   Marcel Moyse: Quotes from his master classes at Boswil, Switzerland from 1965-68. 




   Marcel Moyse: His teaching of the 50 Variations on the Bach Allemande.  




 Marcel Moyse: Notes on his teaching his 24 Little Melodious Studies.            





 Marcel Moyse. His comments on the practising of Andersen’s 24 Studies, op15.          




Flute Secrets








     Variations on the Carnival of Venice for 58 Flutes + Piano. Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson

        Comments:   “Fantastic...”   “Fabulous...”  “A real treat!...”  “Brilliant....”  “Delightful...”   “Witty...”   “Fun...”   “A gem...”