DVD: Carnival of Venice  a professionally made DVD of the 46 Variations on the Carnival of Venice for 58 flutes is on sale both in the UK and USA. Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson    

A Victorian Musical Evening  SHE 501 PEARL RECORDS.With William Bennett and Clifford Benson.

The Romantic Silver Flute SHE 533 PEARL RECORDS, With  William Bennett and Clifford Benson

The Romantic Flute  Altus Records, Japan. With William Bennett and Clifford Benson

La Flute D’Amour. Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson playing Bach, Schumann, etc for  3 kinds of  flute d‘amour: Boehm in Bb, by Altus: wooden  Radcliff System in Bb and an Altus  Boehm in A, and piano. Available from Trevor Wye or  flute shops.

Handel: The Trio Sonatas. Phillips 412 4391 With William Bennett and George Malcolm. The Academy of St Martins Chamber Ensemble.  Phillips CD 412 5982         

A Flute Recital  WCD 100. With Clifford Benson. Music for flute and 2 kinds of flute d’amour. available from Trevor Wye or flute shops. Send  a cheque for £6.00, or cash: €10.00 or $13.00 to  CD,  Tamley Cottage, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent. TN25 5HW.   UK