BROEKMANS en van POPPEL, Amsterdam: Albums for Piccolo & Piano, Volume I and II; Piccolo Duets, Albumfor 2 piccolos and piano; Variations on “God Save the King”  Vol. I, and II   Flute & Piano; Trio Originale  Kummer, Fl, vln (2nd fl., vla)., pno.

JUNE EMERSON (Emerson Edition): Sullivan: Twilight: 2 Flts & pf; Kohler: Valse des Fleurs: 2flts & pf;   
Doppler: Airs Valaques  fl & pf; Doppler: Chanson D’Amour: fl 7 pf ; Kohler: Variations on a Theme of Schubert 2 Flts & Pf; Kohler: Variations on a Theme of  Beethoven: 2flts & pf; Kohler: Second Concert Duet on a Theme of Chopin: 2 Flts & pf  ; A Gilbert & Sullivan Album, fl. (Duo and trio) & pf

SOUTHERN MUSIC COMPANY (U.S.A.) Chedeville: (Vivaldi) Il Pastor Fido: Fl & pf ; Flute Ensembles: Couperin, Le Tic-Toc-Choc. 5 flutes; Daquin, The Cuckoo. 5 flutes; Dubois, Toccata in G  5 flutes; Vierne,  Toccata.  5 flutes; Louis Lefebure-Wely, Sortie: 5 flutes.

OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Handel Album for solo flute; French Dances (Rameau) flute & Piano

ALRY PUBLICATIONS U.S.A.  Faure: Cantique de Jean Racine 4 Flutes & Piano   

MUSICIANS PUBLICATIONS, USA. Jazz pieces for 5 Flutes, bass, perc: Tico Tico;  Shadow Of Your Smile; Opus 1a (Trevor Wye)   For other jazz pieces see  this page  CLICK HERE
SPARTAN PRESS, UK. Fantastic Flutes. 60+ things you can do or make with flutes. Pub. August 2011.
Rondo Capriccioso. (Mendelssohn) 5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl) ; Petite Caprice (Rossini) 5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl); Tournament Galop (Gottschalk) 5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl); The Dying Poet: (Gottschalk) fl. & Pf; Manchega: (Gottschalk) 2 flts (with opt 3rd flute) & pf; Sonata in Bb (Mozart)  5 Flutes (3 and picc, afl, bfl); Away in a Manger. 4 flts and cello, (or bassoon/keyboard); Air In 7 Time (Alkan) flt and pf; Three Pieces (Clifford Benson) 5 Flts (3 and picc, afl, bfl); Three Beautiful Melodies. Flt and pf. Prince Albert,  Liszt and M. Paradies.
Looking at more  Efficient Practice on the flute. Falls House Press.  With improvisation CD included.
Listed as
REVIEWERS CHOICE in Flute Talk, Dec, 2010, Also translated and published in German (Zimmermann), Dutch (Molenaar), Japanese (Ongaku) and Chinese (KHS Ltd)
DVD: a professionally made DVD of the 46 Variations on the Carnival of Venice for 58 flutes is on sale both in the UK and USA. Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson.
 A Victorian Musical Evening  SHE 501 PEARL RECORDS.With William Bennett and Clifford Benson.
The Romantic Silver Flute SHE 533 PEARL RECORDS, With Bennett and Benson
The Romantic Flute  Altus Records, Japan. With Bennett and Benson
La Flute D’Amour. Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson playing Bach, Schumann, etc for flute d‘amour and piano. Available from Trevor Wye or  flute shops.
Handel: The Trio Sonatas. Phillips 412 4391 With
William Bennett and George Malcolm. The Academy of St Martins Chamber Ensemble.  Phillips CD 412 5982         
A Flute Recital  WCD 100. With Clifford Benson. Music for flute and flute d’amour available
HERE from Trevor Wye or flute shops. Send  a cheque for £8.00, or cash: €12.00 or $15.00 to  CD,  Tamley Cottage, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent. TN25 5HW   UK

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