This List has been compiled to help students to purchase  music wisely. It can be considered as the basis of a good professional library, one that will be useful for all events from a formal evening recital to a children's concert. Not all the pieces will appeal to every player everywhere, though the list would be considered by most professional flutists as a good performing library for both performers and teachers. It includes useful arrangements which work well on the flute and concerti with piano reductions.  
Where specific editions have been indicated, these are suggested as the best available. The criteria for recommending a particular edition are (a) it follows the original exactly or most nearly, (b) it interferes least with what the composer wrote, and (c) it is the most sensible performing edition from the viewpoint of both players. The list is divided into FLUTE AND PIANO and SOLO FLUTE, the Flute & Piano List being divided into A REPERTOIRE LIST, and SECONDARY  USEFUL REPERTOIRE.       
OOP = Out Of Print
ARNOLD, MALCOLM                      Sonata                                                 FABER MUSIC
                                                           Sonatina                                               LENGNICK
                                                             Concertos Nos.1 & 2                          FABER MUSIC
ARRIEU, CLAUDE                             Sonatine                                               AMPHION
BACH, J.S.                                          Sonatas: b, e, E, A                               BREITKOPF/ KUIJKEN,
                                                            Suite in B minor                                   NOVELLO or BREIT.& H.
                                                            Partita in C minor                                 SIKORSKI 476
                                                            Concerto in G minor                            BR. & H.
BACH, C.P.E.(Attrib. J.S.)                   Sonatas in Eb & G min                         AMADEUS
BACH, C.P.E.                                      Sonatas in E, Bb, D                              MUSICA RARA 2202/3/4
                                                            4 Sonatas (see above)                          BREIT. & H. 5991
                                                            Hamburger Sonata                               SCHOTT
                                                            Concertos  G, Bb, a, d & A  & C         LEUCKART or  MUS. RARA
                                                            Sonata in C                                          BARENREITER 6899
BEETHOVEN                                      Sonata in Bb (arr Van Leuwen)            ZIMMERMANN
                                                            Sonata                                                 PETERS/ HESS
BENNETT, R.R.                                   Winter Music                                      BELWIN MILLS
                                                            Summer Music                                     NOVELLO
BERKELEY, L.                                    Sonatine                                              SCHOTT
BLAVET                                              Six Sonatas                                          BR. EN VAN POPPEL
                                                            Sonatas, Op. 2                                    MOLENAAR
BÖEHM T.                                           Nel Cor Piu, Op. 4 (In Golden Age)    TH. BÖHM-ARCHIV     
                                                             Elegie, Op.47                                      TH. BÖHM-ARCHIV
                                                            Du, du, Liegst mir am Herzen               CHESTER/ ENCORES
                                                             Grande Polonaise                                TH. BÖHM-ARCHIV
(comp. by LEOPOLD  JANSA)           Six Schubert Lieder (not Boehm!)        UE
BOISMORTIER                                  Suites in b & G & others                      SCHOTT OR BAREN.
BONIS, M.                                          Sonate                                                 EDITION KOSSACK              
BORNE F.                                           Carmen Fantaisie                                 ZIMMERMANN
BOULEZ                                             Sonatine                                               AMPHION
BRICCIALDI                                      Carnival of Venice                                B&H
BURTON, ELDIN                               Sonatina                                               C. FISCHER
CAPLET                                            Reverie and Petite Valse                       KUNZELMANN  
CASELLA, A                                      Sicilienne and Burlesque                       LEDUC
CHAMINADE                                    Concertino                                            ENOCH OR SMC
CHOPIN                                             Var. on a Rossini Theme                       SCHOTT
CORELLI                                            La Folia                                                SCHOTT
COPLAND A.                                     Duo                                                      BOOSEY & HAWKES
 “                                                         Vocalise                                                       “
COUPERIN, F.                                   1-9th Concerts Royal                            ZIMM.  or MUSICA RARA
CZERNY                                             Duo Concertant                                    UE
DAMASE, J.M.                                 Sonate en Concert                                 LEMOINE
                                                           Scherzo                                                LEMOINE
DEMERSSEMAN                               Grande Fantaisie on Oberon                  LEDUC
                                                            6th Solo de Concert                             BILLAUDOT
DEVIENNE                                         Concertos Nos. 1. 2, 4, 7 & 8              IMC
DOPPLER                                           Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise               CHESTER
                                                           Airs Valaques                                       EMERSON    
DUTILLEUX                                       Sonatine                                               LEDUC
ENESCO G.                                      Cantabile et Presto                               ENOCH
FAURÈ G.                                          Fantaisie                                              CHESTER
                                                           Sicilienne (Faure Album)                      NOVELLO
                                                           Morceau de Concours                         BROUDE BROS.
FELD J.                                               Concerto                                              SUPRAFON
                                                           Sonata                                                  LEDUC
FRANCK  C.                                      Sonata                                                  BREIT.& H./GRAF
FREDERIC The Great                         Sonata in A,  No. 12 & c min                SIKORSKI
GANNE L.                                         Andante et Scherzo                              BELWIN OR SMC
GAUBERT P.                                       Sonata, 2nd & 3rd Sonatas                  ENOCH
                                                             Sonatine                                              HEUGEL OR LEDUC
                                                            Madrigal                                              ENOCH
                                                             Nocturne and  All. Scherz.                   ENOCH                                                                          
                                                             Romance                                             LEDUC
GENIN P.                                            Carnival of Venice                               CHESTER
GLUCK                                               Concerto in G Major                            AMADEUS
                                                            Dance of the Blessed Spirits                 NOVELLO  
GODARD                                            Suite                                                    NOVELLO
GRIFFES C.                                        Poem                                                  SCHIRMER
HANDEL                                           8 Sonatas & 3 Fitzwilliam Sonatas       BÄR. OR EMERSON
HAHN R.                                             Var. on a Theme of  Mozart                +IMC
HAYDN                                              Sonata in G                                         IMC or PETERS
                                                           Concerto in D                                      IMC    
HINDEMITH                                       Sonata                                                SCHOTT
HOFFMEISTER                                  Concerto in D Major                           SCHOTT
HOTTETERRE                                    Suite in E minor                                   BÄRENREITER
                                                                and other works                              HORTUS MUSICUS
HÜE, G                                                Fantaisie                                              COSTELLAT
                                                           Nocturne                                             LEDUC
HUMMEL                                            Sonata in D, Op. 50                            PETERS
IBERT J.                                              Jeux                                                    LEDUC
                                                            Concerto                                             LEDUC
JOLIVET                                             Concerto                                             HEUGEL
                                                            Chant de Linos                                    LEDUC
                                                            Sonata                                                 COSTELLAT
KARG ELERT                                    Sinfonische Canzone                            ZIMMERMANN
                                                            Sonata                                                 ZIMMERMANN
KENNAN                                            Night Soliloquy                                    FISCHER
KLEINKNECHT                                 Sonata in D, & b                                 UE
KUHLAU                                            Grand Sonate 'Swedish Songs'             COSTELLAT
                                                             Grande Sonata, Op. 69                       ZIMMERMANN
                                                            Sonata in G    
LECLAIR                                           Sonatas in G & C  & others                 BÄRENREITER
                                                            Concerto in G                                      IMC
                                                            Sonata in e minor                                ZIMMERMANN
LIEBERMANN, L.                              Sonata                                                 PRESSER
                                                            Piccolo Concerto                                PRESSER
                                                            Concerto                                            PRESSER
                                                            Five Pieces                                         PRESSER  
LOCATELLI                                        Sonata No. 1  & others                       IMC
LOEILLET                                           Sonata in G op 3 No 4                        SCHOTT
                                                            6 Sonatas op 3 No 9  + others            HORT. MUS., KUNZEL.etc.
MARAIS                                            Suite in B minor                                   AMP
                                                            Les Folies D’Espagne  (g minor)          ZIMMERMANN
MARTIN                                             Ballade                                                UE
                                                           Sonata da Chiesa (fl, org.)                   UE
MARTINU                                           Sonata                                                AMP
                                                            Scherzo                                              AMP
MERCADANTE                                  Concerto in G, e, & d                          ZERBONI  
MESSAIEN                                         Le Merle Noir                                     LEDUC
MILHAUD                                           Sonatine                                              DURAND
MOLIQUE                                           Concerto                                             KUNZELMANN
MOSCHELES                                      Grande Sonate Concertante                 BILLAUDOT  
MOZART                                             Concertos in G & D & Andante          NOVELLO or BAR. 4854
                                                                   (Both ed. including cadenza writing advice)
                                                            Rondo in D                                          HEINRICHSEN
                                                            Sonatas                                               KUNZ.  OR  REINHARDT   
MUCZYNSKI                                     Sonata                                                 SCHIRMER
MÜTHEL                                             Sonata in D                                          BÄRENREITER or
                                                                (from German Baroque Sonatas)     UE
NIELSEN                                           Concerto                                             Music sales or DANIA
PAGGI                                                Rimembranze Napolitane                     ZIMMERMANN
PERGOLESI                                        Concerto in G & D   B & H or             IMC   
PISTON                                              Sonata                                                  AMP
POULENC                                          Sonata  (Older ed.is better)                  CHESTER.
PROKOFIEV                                      Sonata                                                 B & H& SIKORSKI
QUANTZ                                           Sonata in D Major                               NOT PUBLISHED
                                                            Sonata in e minor                                SCHOTT
                                                            Concertos in G & D                            BR & H
RAMEAU                                           Pieces de clavecin en Concert             BÄRENREITER
REINECKE                                         Sonata "Undine"                                   UE OR IMC
                                                            Ballade, Op. 288                                 ZIMMERMANN
                                                            Concerto in D                                      BR & H
REICHERT                                          Fantaisie Melancolique    
                                                             In Golden Age Collection or                UE     
REISSIGER, G.G.                                Duo en Forme de Sonate                     ZIMMERMANN
                                                            Concertino                                           KUNZELMANN
RHEINBERGER                                  Rhapsodie                                            ZIMMERMANN
RIES, FERDINAND                            Sonata, Op. 87                                    MUSICA RARA
                                                            Sonata Sentimentale                             MUSICA RARA
RODRIGO                                           Concerto                                              SCHOTT
ROUSSEL                                           Andante et Scherzo                               BR. en van POPPEL
                                                             Joueurs de Flute                                              "  "        
                                                             Aria                                                    BR. en van POPPEL
SAINT-SÄENS                                  Odelette for fl & orch                           DURAND
                                                            Air de Ballet d'Ascanio'                       DURAND
                                                            Romance                                            DURAND
SAMMARTINI, G                               2 Sonatas op 2 No 4                           SCHOTT
SANCAN                                            Sonatine                                              LEDUC
SCHUBERT                                         Intro., Theme, & Var.                         NOVELLO
                                                            Arpeggione Sonata                              ZIMMERMAN/Graf
SCHULHOFF                                      Sonate                                                HUD MAT   OR   CHESTER
SCHUMANN                                      Three Romances  
                                                             Schumann Album                                NOVELLO
SCHWINDL                                        Concerto in D                                      BR & H
SEGHERS, FREDRIC                         Souvenir de Gand                                LEDUC/ Moyse
SILCHER F.                                        Var. on Nel Cor Piu                             BÄRENREITER
SPOHR, LOUIS                                  Concerto                                             UE/Vester
                                                            Sonata in E                                         ZIMMERMANN
STAMITZ, JOHANN                          Concerto in G & D                              SCHOTT
STAMITZ, KARL                                Concerto No. 3                                  SCHOTT
TAFFANEL                                        Allegretto Grazioso & Scherz.             PAN PUB   
                                                             Andante Pastorale et Scherz.
                                                             In Flute Music Album                        SCHIRMER
                                                            Fantaisie on Freyschutz                       SMC
                                                            Grande Fantaisie on Mignon                SMC
TAKTAKISHVILI                               Sonata                                                AMP  
TELEMANN                                       Concerto in G Major                           KUNZELMANN
                                                            Concertino in B minor                         SCHOTT
                                                            Due Sonatine                                      AMADEUS
                                                            Quatro Sonatine                                  AMADEUS
                                                            Suite in a minor                                   PETERS
                                                            Sonatas in F, C, & f min.                     SCHOTT
                                                            3 Sonatas                                            PETERS
                                                            6 Concerts & 6 Sonatas                      ED. SCELTE, FIRENZA
TULOU                                                5th & 13th Gr. Solos Golden Age.      MURAMATSU
ViVALDI                                            Il Pastor Fido   (by N. Chedeville)      SMC
                                                            6 Concertos                                        IMC
                                                            Picc. Concertos in C & a                    IMC
                                                            Concerto in c minor                             ED MUS
WIDOR                                             Suite                                                    HEUGEL
WOODALL                                         Serenade                                             PAN PUBLICATIONS


BAROQUE ALBUM                                                                                      HENLE/Graf
THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE FLUTIST  Vols 1&2                                       MURAMATSU/ Moyse       
FRENCH BAROQUE PIECES                                                                      UE/ VESTER
GERMAN BAROQUE PIECES                                                                     UE/ VESTER
ABEL, C.F.                                         6 Flute Sonatas                                   AMADEUS
ARNOLD M.                                       3 Sonatines                                         PET. LEN. & FABER
BADURA-SKODA                              Sonate Romantique                             LEDUC
BANTOCK G.                                     Pagan Poem                                        STAINER & BELL
BARTOK                                             Suite Paysanne Hongroise                    UE
BAX                                                     4 Pieces                                              STUDIO MUSIC
BEDARD                                             Sonata                                                 DOBERMANN
BEETHOVEN                                      Romance in F                                      BILLAUDOT
                                                            Serenade, Op 41   (arr of Op25)         HENLE
BENDA                                               Sonatas                                                SCHOTT
BENÔIT                                              Poeme Symphonique                            OOP
BLOCH E.                                           Suite Modale                                       BROUDE BROS.
BITSCH M.                                         3 Sonatines                                          LEDUC
BOEHM T.                                          Concerto in G, Op. 1                           IMC
BOUTRY                                             Concertino                                           LEDUC
BOWEN, YORK                                 Sonata                                                 OUP                                      
BRUN G.                                             Romance                                             LEMOINE
BUSONI                                              Albumblatt                                           BREITKOPF
                                                            Divertimento                                        BREITKOPF
CAMUS, PIERRE                               Chanson et Badinerie                            LEDUC
CAPLET A.                                         Improvisations                                     DURAND
CASTEREDE                                       Sonate en Forme de Suite                    LEDUC
CHAMINADE                                     Serenade aux Etoiles                           OOP
CHAUVON                                         Tibiades                                              MOECK
COPLAND A.                                     Vocalise                                              B & HCUI C.                                                                                                              Scherzetto                                           HEUGEL
DAMASE J.M.                                     4 Divertissements                                BILLAUDOT
                                                            Sonata for fl & hp                                LEMOINE
                                                            Variations     "
                                                             Var. on  "Early One Morning"             LEMOINE
DANZI                                                 Sonatine in D                                      HOFFMEISTER
DE JONG, E                                         Will o' The Wisp                                 OOP  
DEBUSSY                                           8 Selected Pieces                                 UE
                                                            Bilitis                                                   UE
DEMERSSEMAN                                Le Tremolo                                         BILLAUDOT
                                                            1st Solo de Concert                            Br en VAN POPPEL
DENISOV                                           Sonata                                                 LEDUC
DEVIENNE                                         Sonata in e min.                                   IMC
                                                             Other Sonatas                                     IMC
DONIZETTI, G.                                   3 Sonatas                                            PETERS & ZIMM.
DOPPLER                                            Chanson d'Amour                               EMERSON
DONJON                                            3 Pieces                                               BR. en van POPPEL
                                                            Adagio Nobile                                          “               “
                                                            Offertoire                                            FISCHER/BILLAUDOT
DUBOIS, P.M.                                     9 Preludes Faciles                               LEDUC
FRANÇAIX                                         Divertimento                                       SCHOTT
FERGUSON, HOWARD                    Three Sketches                                    BOOSEY & HAWKES
de FESCH W.                                      6 Sonatas                                            DOBLINGER
FREDERICK The Great                       2 Sonatas                                            UE
GAUBERT                                           Suite                                                    HEUGEL
GEMINIANI                                       Sonata in D                                          BR. en van POPPEL
GENZMER H.                                     Sonata in e minor                                 SCHOTT
GERAEDTS                                         Sonatina                                              DONEMUS
GERMAN, E                                       Romance and Intermezzo                      B & H
GOUNOD                                           Concertino                                           AMADEUS
GRIEG                                                 Sonate No. 1, Op. 8                            BILLAUDOT
GROVLEZ, GABRIEL                         Romance et Scherzo                            BILLAUDOT
GUIOT, RAYMOND                           Rhapsodie                                           MARTIN
GUBAIDULINA                                  Sounds of the Forest                            SIKORSKI
HANSEN                                            Serenade                                              CARL FISCHER
HASSE                                                Tambourin                                            CUNDY-BETTONEY
HEATH, DAVID                                 "Out of the Cool"                                 CHESTER
HEIDEN B.                                          Sonatina                                              SMC
HELMSCHROTT, R.                           Sonata da Chiesa (Fl. & Org.)             BOTE AND BOCK
HESS, WILLY                                     Sonata for fl & hp                                AMADEUS
HOFMANN                                        Conzertstück                                        FALLS HOUSE PRESS
HÜE G.                                                Gigue                                                   LEDUC
HUTEAU A.                                         Jazzo Flute Blues                                  LEMOINE
JACOB, GORDON                            Concertos Nos. 1 & 2                        B & H
JAFFE, GERARD                                Overture to a Comedy                         SMC
JOPLIN, SCOTT                                 Gladiolus Rag                                      LEMOINE
KARG-ELERT                                     Suite Pointillistique                              ZIMMERMANN
KHATCHATURIAN                           Concerto                                             IMC  
KIRNBERGER                                    Sonata                                                SCHOTT  
KOECHLIN C.                                    14 Pieces                                            LEDUC
                                                            Sonate, Op. 53                                   LEDUC
KÖHLER, E                                         Papillon                                              CUNDY-BETT/FISCHER
KORNAKOV                                      Sonata                                                ARC
KREBS L.                                            Sonata in e minor                                BÄRENREITER
KRIPS                                                 Rondinello                                           OOP
LAMB                                                 Sonata                                                 BOOSEY and H.
LANCEN S.                                        Concerto di Camera                            BILLAUDOT
LODER, EDWARD                             Sonata                                                OUP
MARTINON                                        Concerto                                            BILLAUDOT
MASSENET J.                                     3 Morceau de Concours                     OUP
MATHIAS W.                                     Sonatina                                              OUP
                                                            Concerto                                            OUP
McCABE J.                                         Portraits                                               NOVELLO
MACONCHY, E.                              Colloquy                                             CHESTER
MELARTIN                                        Sonata for fl & hp                                 FAZER-HELSINKI
MIKHASHOFF, IVAR                       Dances for Davia                                 SMC
MOSCHELES                                     Air on Haydn +Vari.                            FLUTE JOURNAL
                                                             Duo Concertante                                 SCHOTT
MOWER                                              Sonata Latino                                       KALMUS
MOZART                                             Flute Quartets                                      BILLAUDOT OR UE
                                                                   (Arr. for fl & pno)                         OR KUNZELMANN
PHILIDOR                                           Pieces pour Flute Traversiere.              SCHOTT
                                                            Pieces, Vol. I & II                               SCHOTT
PIERNE                                               Canzonetta                                           LEDUC
PIERRE-PETIT                                    Musique en l'Air                                   ESCHIG
PIERNE, GABRIEL                             Sonata                                                 DURAND
RAVEL                                                Piece en forme de Habanera                LEDUC
REICHERT                                          Tarantelle                                             OOP
REGER, MAX                                     Romanze in G Maj.                              BR & H.
RIES, F.                                               La Capricciosa (Vln & Pno)                OOP
RIES, F                                                Fantasia                                               KUNZELMANNN
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV                      Flight of the Bumble Bee                     EMERSON ED.
ROMBERG                                         Concerto                                             JOHN WION
RUST                                                   Sonata for fl & hp                                AMADEUS
SABATHIL                                          Polka di Bravura                                 OOP
                                                             Scherzo Cappriccio                            OOP
SCHUBERT, J.                                    Koncert                                               SCHOTT
SHOCKER                                           Regrets and Resolutions                     PRESSER
SEIBER                                                Pastorale and Burlesque                      SCHOTT
SIBELIUS                                            Scaramouche                                      CHESTER /Fl.Solos/Vol 1
SPOHR                                                Sonata                                                ZIMMERMANN
STANLEY, JOHN                               4 Sonatas                                            SCHOTT
STOCKHAUSEN                                Zodiac                                                STOCKHAUSEN
TELEMANN                                       Concerto in E Maj.                              HEINRICHSHOFEN
                                                            Miniature Chamber Music                   AMADEUS     
                                                             12 Sonatas                                          KUNZELMANN   
THIRIET                                              Concerto                                              BILLAUDOT
TOMASI                                              Le Tombeau de Mireille                       LEDUC (fl.& Drum)
TORTELIER                                        Var., Romance et Danse                      BILLAUDOT
TULOU                                                Fantasie on a theme of Caraffa            OOP
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS                     Suite de Ballet                                     OUP
VERHEY                                             Concerto                                             BR. en van POPPEL
WALTON                                            Popular Song (Walton Album)             OUP
WEBER                                               Sonata in Ab                                        EULENBERG
WETZGER, P                                      Am Waldesbach                                  CUNDY-BETTONEY
WENDLING                                        Concerto in C                                      HUG
YORK BOWEN                                Sonata, Op. 120                                  EMERSON
                                                            Miniature Suite                                    EMERSON
YUN, I.                                                Garak                                                 BOTE & BOCK

ARNOLD, MALCOLM                      Fantasy for Flute, Op. 89                     FABER
BACH, C.P.E.                                      Sonata in A Minor                              AMADEUS
BACH, J.S.                                          Partita in A Minor, BWV 1013            BÄRENREITER
                                                            Sonata in C major                               NOVELLO (Solo flt Album)
BENNETT, R.R                                   Six Tunes for the Instruction
                                                             of Singing Birds                                   NOVELLO
                                                            Sonatina                                              UE
BERIO                                                 Sequenza                                             ZERBONI
BHATIA,V                                           Flute Music                                         UE
BON MAARTEN                                Whistle for a Friend                             DONEMUS
BONNEAU, PAUL                             Caprice en Forme de Valse  
                                                             for solo sax.  (not the fl/pf version)       LEDUC
BOULEZ, PIERRE                              "...explosante-fixe"                                 UE
BOZZA, EUGENE                              Image                                                   LEDUC
                                                           Improvisation et Caprice                       LEDUC
BURKHARD, WILLY                        Suite for Flute Solo                               BARENREITER
CLARKE, Ian                                      Great Train Race                                  JUST FLUTES EDITION
DAVIES, PETER MAX.                      Nocturne for Alto Flute                         BOOSEY & HAWKES
DEBUSSY                                           Syrinx                                                  CHESTER
DENISOV                                           Sonata                                                 LEDUC                                                                                                                        Piece                                                   LEDUC
DICK, R                                              Afterlight                                             MULTIPLE BREATH
                                                            Flying Lessons                                              “ “
DOHNANYI, ERNST von                   Passacaglia                                         BROUDE BROTHERS
DONJON                                            Etudes de Salon ou Caprices               AMADEUS
FELD                                                   Four Pieces                                         UMP
FERNEYHOUGH, B.                          Cassandra's Dream Song                     PETERS
FRANCAIX, JEAN                             Suite for Flute Solo                              SCHOTT
FUKISHIMA                                       Mei                                                      ZERBONI
                                                            Requiem                                              ZERBONI
                                                            Shion San                                             SZ
HEATH, DAVE                                   Coltrane                                               BOOSEY & HAWKES
HINDEMITH                                      Acht Stücke                                         SCHOTT or AMP         
HONEGGER                                       Danse de la Chevre                              SALABERT
IBERT                                                  Pièce                                                   LEDUC
JACOB, GORDON                             The Pied Piper                                    OUP
JOLIVET, ANDRE                              Cinq Incantations                                 BOOSEY & HAWKES
                                                            Asceses                                              BILLAUDOT
KARG-ELERT, SIEGFRID                 Sonata Appasionata in f# minor            ZIMMERMANN
                                                             30 Capricen                                        STEINGRABER
KOECHLIN, CHARLES                     Les Chants des Nectaire                     BILLAUDOT
LANGLAIS, JEAN                              Sequences                                          COMBRE
LIEBERMANN                                   Soliloquy                                             PRESSER
LINDE, HANS MARTIN                    Una Follia Nova                                  SCHOTT
MARAIS, MARIN                               Les Folies d'Espagne                           BÄRENREITER
MONTAINE, JOHN la                        Sonata for Solo Flute                          BROUDE BROTHERS
MUSGRAVE, THEA                           Narcissus, for flute and   
                                                                  digital delay                                    NOVELLO
NIELSEN, CARL                                The Children are Playing                      HANSEN
                                                            The Fog is Lifting                                HANSEN
PIAZOLLA, ASTOR                           Tango-Etudes (Etudes Tangs)              LEMOINE
QUANTZ                                             16 Pieces for Solo Flute                      PAN EDUC. MUSIC
RAN, SHULAMIT                               East Wind                                           PRESSER
REICHERT                                          Encore Solo                                        OOP
ROZSA, MIKLOS                               Sonata per Flauto Solo                        FABER MUSIC
STAMITZ, J.A.                                    Rondo Capriccioso in G dur                BREITKOPF
STOCKHAUSEN                                Lucifer's Requiem                               STOCKHAUSEN
                                                            In Friendship                                       IND
TELEMANN                                       12 Fantaisies                                        BÄRENREITER
VARESE                                              Density 21.5                                        RICORDI
YUN, I                                                 Etuden                                                          ?
                                                                                                                           Revised T.W. October 2010