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Master Classes

“You know, laughing really loud in an auditorium or concert hall is OK, but actually *howling* would be kind of embarrassing, don't you think?  That's why it was a really good thing that fellow list member Nathan Zalman and I were in the confines of my living room last week when we watched the new DVD of Trevor Wye's "Carnival of Venice: A Flute Spectacular."  I'd seen Trevor present this program live, several times, so I knew what was coming, but *still* had to laugh, and then of course there was Nathan, who'd never seen it, hooting and howling with laughter and fun, and I was bowled over double, laughing at *him* laughing!!!!!!  We had just a *little* bit of a good time that day.

I'm sure many of you have seen this program of Trevor's, in which he plays 45 variations of the Carnival of Venice on 58 flutes.  The flutes include a Louis Lot from 1864, panpipes, a bicycle pump flute, a digital electronic flute, a flute d'amour, a pistol, (yes, you heard that right), a flute that bends, one that changes color, and many others concocted, invented, cooked up, contrived, ad libbed, and otherwise madly created in the amazing mind of Trevor Wye.

   Clifford Benson is the pianist in this performance and he is as brilliant and funny in his role at the keyboard as is Trevor.

List member Trevor Wye has presented this program for more than 35 years around the world.  It's now packaged beautifully and available to everyone through the courtesy of the Albuquerque Flute Association.  This group is to be commended for preserving this unique show for the future!  The video and audio quality are professional and the running time is 48 minutes.

In the early fall, I plan to invite my students over, serve popcorn, and start off the school year by showing them this hilarious (and sneakily educational) flute show.  Thanks for a wonderful gift, Trevor.  When it comes to comedy and inventiveness, you are THE BEST. I have no financial or other investment in this video.  I'm not associated with the Abuquerque Flute Association nor with Trevor Wye, nor the recording company or distributor.  I do not play on ancient bones, manufacture bubble flutes, or excavate pre-Columbian Ecuadorian shell ocarina flutes.  I just love to laugh”  Helen Spielman on The Flute List.

A huge crowd gathered outside Ballroom A and when the doors were opened, they filed patiently into the room to hear Trevor Wye perform his 48 Variations on the Carnival of Venice for 58 Flutes and Piano. It was a capacity crowd, and when Mr. Wye began a gasp went through the crowd as he announced that his longtime accompanist, friend and collaborator Clifford Benson had passed away on Friday morning. I know there had been some mention of Mr. Benson's grave condition on this list and I know we all join with Mr. Wye in mourning the loss of this wonderful, talented man. The program already contained a dedication to Mr. Benson, and Mr. Wye placed an empty chair on the stage in his honor. Although I knew that the upcoming program would be funny and entertaining, after hearing so many of you on the list describing it (and reading Mr. Wye's posts about the human tibia and the bicycle pump), I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as the performance began. Sorrow quickly melted into laughter, however, as Mr. Wye, the consummate performer, regaled the audience with his introduction of the instruments and then his clever use of them in the piece. I will repeat what many have written previously on this list and recommend that if you haven't had a chance to see Mr. Wye perform this incredible feat in person, that you avail yourselves of the DVD.

From the Flute List about the NFA Flute Convention, Albuquerque, August, 2007

The Trevor Wye Experience.  Perhaps you all have had the privilege of hearing Trevor Wye before, but this was a first time for me.  I of course had heard of his Carnival Variations (in fact I know a man who accompanied him one time when he was out West), but had never seen them until Convention this year.  Amazing.  Funny.  I laughed and laughed ... what a dry sense of humor this man has ... The "Victor Borge" of the flute.

The Complete Daily Exercises

This latest book is unquestionably a stroke of genius.  Having all these exercises in one volume along with carefully thought out and creative The practice card and blank pages for the user to write his/her own melodies is brilliant.

  The clarity of the layout and the instructions are excellent and the text is useful.  Plenty of playing material is included for those not technically accomplished enough to play it all.  The helpful suggestions make the advanced exercises more accessible to lesser players.  This book is large and comprehensive and represents good value for the money.

Trevor has really outdone himself this time;  I think this is the best book he has ever published.  This is the only new exercise book that has motivated me to work through the entire book.  I plan to do so because I believe that this book will help me become a better flutist and that I'll actually enjoy challenging myself with these exercises.

"Congratulations. Your books are a tremendous legacy for all flute students."

"I'm absolutely stunned by the excellence of your latest book: Complete Daily Exercises for the Flute."

Marcel Moyse Biography: An Extraordinary Man.

"Heartfelt thanks to Trevor Wye for taking his time to write a book that is so touching , beautiful and well written about Maestro Moyse."

"I am almost finished reading Trevor Wye's MARCEL MOYSE, an Extraordinary Man (which by the way I absolutely LOVE), I do want to say to anyone who has not yet read this book.  It is excellent - Thank you Trevor Wye for writing it!  It really helps me to really get an understanding of why he was/is so special to so many people. I feel so inspired to get up and play with tremendous passion whenever I am reading this book, but I don't want to put the book down to do it!" 

The Practice Books

"....your Practice Books For The Flute/Omnibus Edition" was one of the NFA's Newly Published Winners for 2001. There were over 420 accepted entries. The works will be on display at the NFA Convention, which will be held in Dallas, Texas, August 16 through August 19, 2001. They will then be sent to the NFA library, which is housed at the University of Arizona."

"Congratulations on your excellent work! Your expertise for flute publications is recognized worldwide and the accolades are well deserved. Shawnee Press, as U.S. and Canadian distributor for Novello Publications, is proud to be associated with you and your various flute publications and accomplishments."

"Thank you very much for producing the best of flute books available anywhere."

"I've written a terrific review of it for the Krantz Flutelist, the Flutenet (my personal favourite flute list at:, and as a teacher and performer have thus already recommended it to between 500 and 1500 other players and teachers. Thank you so much for your brilliant MIND, and your time and dedication to the project."

"You are completely changing the history of flute practise and teaching by providing 'one' book that can be used almost to the exclusion of all other books of daily exercises. I love your musical taste and brilliant strategies for practising. When I go back and read any of Trevor Wye`s books I am always surprised at how great an influence he has had on my teaching and playing. I`m always uncertain as to whether I came to my own conclusions or I read it long ago in one of his books. What is certain is that his books contain a concise summary of flute playing as we understand it today, presented  in a way that anyone, amateur or professional is bound to be influenced  in the way they practice."

Master Classes

"I want to thank you for giving the flute masterclass for the Central Ohio Flute Association.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews from those who attended.  I had several students attend and they came away excited and ready to try out your suggestions.  They all mentioned what a great sense of humor you have!  I guess you must need it with all the flute players you  hear!  I spoke to all the flutists who played for you that day and they were  so thankful for the opportunity to play for you.  I was pleased with the turnout, as well."

"Dear Trevor and Flutelisters,

I have just returned from teaching Yoga for Flutists at Trevor Wye's flute class at the University of West Virginia. It was a marvellous week filled with laughter and all things flute. Trevor is a mixture of humor, incredibly high musical standards, an unwavering sense of discipline, a great love of music and a love for those that choose to make it their life's journey.

Each day begins with a mass warm-up class that includes technical exercises and tips on how to make them for you not against you, beautiful tunes to warm-up the heart and mind, and improvisation that everyone can enjoy. Next comes the Studies class where etudes, excerpts and special problems are addressed. Next up, participants have a chance to collaborate with a pianist and perform literature. Finally, students perform solo literature for Trevor and receive his incredible insight built from years of work with Moyse and Gilbert and his wonderful obsession with music. One can hear his great knowledge and love for music as he plays or sings phrases that come alive with fresh energy. Trevor seems ageless as his excitement for the musicians he is working with grows.

Trevor is a heartfelt, master teacher. He gives of himself with an incredible depth that seems an endless well. I urge you all to make plans to come perform or bring your students to the class next year. Don't miss the opportunity to share this master teacher's wisdom. As I was preparing to leave for the class I told one of my students who I would be teaching with in the coming week. She stopped cold and looked at me. She flipped over one of her study books with a picture of Trevor on the back. "This Trevor Wye!?" she exclaimed. It reminded me of the many generations that have and will benefit from Trevor's endless quest to make music possible for all of us, whatever level we are. Trevor has an enormous heart as evidenced in his wonderful humor, insight and endless fascination with all things music. I am grateful to have worked with him over the past several years. "This Trevor Wye" is full of passion for music, the flute, and all who are drawn  in.

Thank you Trevor, for all you have done for all of us."

Laura Dwyer  





Principal Flute, Sarasota Opera Orchestra