DIARY - 2019

  * 20th - 27th August  at The Flute Studio,  Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent. UK.  Trevor Wye Masterclass with Julie Wright. A six day intensive class with daily warm-ups, technical classes including tone, articulation and technique, flute repertoire & orchestral technique classes. The classes will be accompanied by our fine pianist, Juliet Edwards. The focus of the classes is on fixing problems to improve the chances of employment as teachers and performers. A short class will be devoted to the latest development in flute scales and tuning flutes. The classes will include a short daily talk on flute history using ethnic flutes from around the world including two 800 year-old ocarinas and a number of museum quality flutes dating from 1740 to 1926 which will be passed around for examination. Julie Wright will be coaching ensembles and flute choirs and taking  discussions and diagnostic clinics and pedagogy sessions for teachers or intending teachers. She will also be helping those with technical difficulties to overcome them in private lessons. The Studio contains lots of historic music, books, manuscripts and flutes.

For information:  http://flutesenvacances.co.uk/wp/trevor-wye-summer-course-2019/

The number of places is limited to nine persons due to space. As some return each year, early booking is advised.

Trevor Wye is available for Master classes in any country.  He has already given master classes in most countries of the world including the USA,  Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, The Sudan, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tasmania, Taiwan  and Thailand.

The usual format is to begin with a Warm -Up, using scales and exercises with improvisation. Then to helping students both with studies and basic problems of tone, technique, articulation and intonation.  After lunch, on to the flute repertoire, often introducing unusual or little-known works.

Basic repair techniques are usually part of  a class of a few days, and including a concise history of the flute from the earliest times to the present day, illustrated with primitive flutes, 600 year old ocarinas and a collection of 15 museum-quality antique flutes.

Enquiries to  tw@trevorwye‘dot’com

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