30th Year
The Flute Studio has been awarded an A-rating Accreditation by the British Accreditation Council.
The Flute Studio began in 1990; 150 students from 19 countries have attended, some for a second year, and many are now in orchestras or are teaching worldwide. The course theme: ‘the flute and nothing but the flute’

Brexit. Students wishing to attend the Studio will not be affected by whether the UK stays in the European Union. The short-term visa required  and is easy to get for the 6 month period of the Course. If  you have any questions, please let me know.  
THE COURSE is of six months for postgraduates and undergraduates. The aim is to increase a student’s chances of employment. Students attend two full day classes weekly. The first is a scales/technique/memory class with the emphasis on technique and tone. The remainder of the class is devoted to exercises and finishing with studies (études). The second looks at both the orchestral and the common and uncommon flute repertoire. The Study Session also looks at subjects which will help with getting a job such as background information on the flute and its history, examination of old flutes, chamber music, repertoire and flute books, professional career problems, stage presentation and publicity. These sessions also include basic flute maintenance and repair, head joint making and flute construction.
The Studio Music Library of  about 8000 items also contains all the world’s well known flute books including rare material, and includes books in other languages. There are around 850 CDs and students complete a weekly listening project of the world’s great players. During their time here, students are expected to gain a minimal working knowledge of both the treble recorder and the baroque flute, instruments & basic tuition being provided. Since 1990, thirteen former students have become professional baroque flute players. A piccolo session with an orchestral specialist  and a class on baroque practice and style is often part of the curriculum. Three Sonata Classes with the piano and other classes according to needs are also arranged.  Flute performance to a high standard is the main aim of the course. The Studio has a fine piano, and a commercial photocopier. A Student recital takes place every year in the Village. Visits to flute recitals in London, and to William Bennett’s and other distinguished visitors master classes at the Royal Academy of Music in London are also arranged, and students will find it convenient to attend London’s numerous concerts.
The Studio intake is limited to five students each year. The Course is of exactly six months and usually 24 weeks duration beginning on October 1st and ending with departure on the 31st March. There will be a short Christmas break, but the classes will continue up to Christmas and  resume shortly after.
 THE PLACE.   Hastingleigh is a small village situated on the North Downs in an area designated as one of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The small town of Wye is three miles from Hastingleigh with several shops, and a railway station with hourly direct services to London, with a journey time of either one and a half hours or a high-speed service of 37 minutes from Ashford. Trains leave nearby Ashford International Station at regular intervals for Paris and Brussels via the Channel Tunnel, with a journey time of two hours.
APPLICATION. An audition either in person, or by CD, is required by the end of  June of the year of entry and should contain at least two pieces, and at least one work with piano. A study or two would also help. At least one reference from a former flute teacher will be required. Notification of the result will be sent soon after the audition. If the course is over-subscribed, a Reserve List is made. If a student is accepted for the Studio, a non-returnable deposit of £1000 (GBP) will be required to show acceptance of the place offered and to cover the reservation of accommodation. This should be paid by June 30th, and will be credited against the fees. Students applying for bursaries or grants may send a CD earlier in which case an acceptance letter-subject to an audition in January’- can be sent, always provided that the level of playing is acceptable.  
Students from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and other countries:- Those whose English is not  advanced may feel confident that every effort is made to simplify the classes and help them to understand.
        Comments by former students: “My year spent at Trevor Wye’s flute studio was the most formative and influential of my performance studies. I learned an incredible amount of repertoire, etudes, exercises, and pedagogical tools that helped me become a successful flutist in a fiercely competitive profession. I strongly recommend his studio and summer courses to all my advanced students!”  Dr. Erin K. Murphy, Assistant Professor of Flute, Oklahoma State University  (2001/2)
“My year spent with Trevor is an experience I look back on with extreme fondness. The Course is true to its description, that you learn everything about the flute including technique but, more importantly to me, true musicianship. I owe so much of my ability to play musically to my time in the Studio but I didn’t just learn how to better play the flute. The depth and scope of knowledge I now have about the flute, it’s history, flute-making, repertoire and how to teach all of it is incomparable to any experience I’ve ever had and it’s something that has set me apart from my colleagues.”    
              Jillian Storey, USA. (2012-13)
“Trevor is a very demanding teacher with a wealth of experience and knowledge to dig into. There was so much to explore and be inspired by during my year at the Studio – from technique, musical phrasing to historically – informed performance practices, with occasional tales from his diverse and successful careers sprinkled in. Not to mention the opportunity to play on his collection of historic flutes from around the world. It really was a unique experience that fostered my growth as both a musician and person. I couldn’t recommend this opportunity more to any aspiring flutist.”  
             Japheth Law Sze Cheng. Malaysia. (2015-16)
“Studying with Trevor is a lifetime experience and is to absorb the wisdom of several generations of great flute players and musicians and to be part of that legacy! Mr Wye’s teaching is based on respect for the score and composer and aims to develop a solid technique and knowledge of the flute and flute playing. The aim is the pursuit of beauty and good taste in playing , inspiring us to move the audience, or main goal as artists.”    
             Ricardo Alves. Portugal. (2008-9)
      “I was fortunate to study at Trevor’s Studio for 2 years at the age of  19-21. I learned so much and am so happy now that I have a strong base that stays forever with me! Actually I have realised more often after years how much I learned at his Studio! And not only flute skills, but also so many beautiful memories with him and other students and friends are staying in my heart. Trevor broke my imagination of being a ‘flute teacher’ in such a positive and humanistic way!”   Kayoko Minamino. Japan. (2006/7/8)       
         “When I studied with Trevor, it  was one of the hardest, as well as most rewarding things I have done. It was very tough to prepare new material every week, as well as other projects, and then play in front of  extremely capable flautists, who had prepared the same material. This conservatoire style  of having lessons really prepared me for the stressful audition circuit, and later for working under pressure in an orchestra.  It also  taught me a great deal about getting on with colleagues, how to manage to my own personal shortcomings, and not letting them get in the way of  a successful career.  I owe my position as principal flute for the last 17 years in the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra to Trevor and my time at The Studio, and cannot thank him enough for the time and care he took in helping me become a much better flautist and colleague. Gabriele vonDürckheim. (1998-2000)
ACCOMMODATION.  There are two comfortable and well-equipped studio flats each for three persons in Hastingleigh and Elmsted at reasonable rates. Each student has their own room. Rent is about £4000 for the 6 months including electricity heating etc.
PRACTICAL MATTERS:  Successful applicants will be put in touch with the previous years’ students for advice and information. Students will normally be accepted only for the complete Course.  A maximum of 5 students is accepted.
FEES 2017/18:  £5250* for the course per student.  When a letter of acceptance has been sent, the non-returnable deposit of £1000.00, credited to the total fees, is payable by June 30th. The remainder of the fees are to be paid before the end of July in order to comply with the new UK Border Agency regulations.
Arrival date: October 1st 2019; departure date 31st March 2020.
PLANS FOR  2019/20:  Three classes with  Juliet Edwards for the relationship between piano and flute, classes with Rachel Brown, Kate Hill and Julie Wright and visits to the Royal Academy of Music, London, classes with William Bennett; and concerts locally.
ENQUIRIES: Trevor Wye, The Flute Studio, Tamley Cottage, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent. TN25 5HW. UK.   Or email:  tw@trevorwye 'dot' com  
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