This List contains music casually encountered over a number of years and which has proved useful.

ORGANISING CHAMBER MUSIC IN GENERAL: Smaller combinations are  commercially better. Diversity of sound is very important. The Wind quintet can be somewhat dull because the sound is so much the same. Tonal variety using smaller groupings would help toward success. Remember that five players are always going to be more difficult to schedule for a rehearsal, let alone a concert; smaller combinations are more practical and costs the organisers less money too!

GOOD COMBINATIONS: flute, oboe, and keyboard; or 2 flutes and piano (less interesting, but still good). Flute, oboe & piano has the best repertoire and includes over 100 pieces for two instruments and continuo from the 18th century. Other examples: 2 flutes, flute and violin, 2 violins, flute and oboe, 2 recorders, etc. Basic repertoire would include 18th century Trio Sonatas (and these can be quite varied in style); jolly 19th cent bravura duos, Doppler &c. and some 20th cent. pieces. Many late 16th and 17th cent. pieces for 2 instruments can be a rewarding played on any two instruments. The keyboard is the anchor.
* Useful Chamber Music is divided into:
Two flutes and piano,(or flute, oboe and piano)
Three flutes and piano
Four flutes and piano
Five flutes and piano
Trio sonatas
Other chamber music with keyboard
Other chamber music without piano
Flute and strings, with or without piano
Duets, Trios, Quartets, for Flutes, and more.

TWO FLUTES AND PIANO: (or FLUTE, OBOE & PIANO)   * = fl, ob, pno
ADDISON, JOHN     trio                                                 AUGENER
BACH, C.P.E.           Trio in Bb                                      PETERS
                                  Trio in E                                        ZIMMERMANN
BACH, P.D.Q  .         Trio Sic.                                        SMC
BACH, W.F.              Trios Nos. 1-4                               IMC
BERLIOZ                  Trio of the Young Ishmaelites,
                                    from "L'Enfance du Christ"      IMC
BUSONI, F.               Duo                                                MUSICA RARA
DAMASE                * Trio                                               LEMOINE
de FESCH, W.           Concerto in G                               SCHOTT
DELIUS                     Intermezzo                                    EMERSON
DOPPLER                 La Sonnambula                             BILLAUDOT    
                                    Rigoletto  Andante and Rondo           "
                                   Hungarian Fantaisie                           "
FAURE                      Fantaisie, Op. 79, arr L Moyse    SCHIRMER
FURSTENAU            L'Union                                         MUSICA RARA
GAUBERT              *Tarantelle                                      ENOCH
GOOSSENS,E.       *Pastorale & Harliquinade             CURWEN
HOFFMEISTER    *Concerto No. 1                              KUNZELMAN
HOLST                    *A Fugal Concerto                          NOVELLO
HUGUES                   Grand Concert Fantasy                IMC
JACOB G.               *Trio (&picc.), H,chord                  OUP
KOHLER                   Valse des Fleurs                           EMERSON    
KRONKE, EMIL      Deux Papillons                              ZIMMERMANN
KUHLAU                   G Major Trio, Op. 119                 COSTELLAT
MOZART                  Last 6 Symphonies (arr by Clementi) UNPUBLISHED
MUSGRAVE T       *Trio                                                CHESTER  
PITFIELD T.             Trio                                               AUGENER
                                *Variations                                     CHAPPEL
QUANTZ                   Concerto No. 1. 2 flts & Orch. (piano)  MUSICA RARA
REIZENSTEIN       *Trio in A                                       LENGNICK
RICCIO                     2 Canzonas                                   LONDON PROMUSICA
SMYTHE, ETHEL *Two Interlinked French Folk Melodies OUP
SULLIVAN                Twilight                                         EMERSON
TELEMANN             Trio in E minor                             BREITKOPF
"                                 3 Trietti e Scherzi                        BREITKOPF
VIVALDI                   Concerto in G minor (fl,ob,bsn)   RICORDI

ANON                        Sonada                                           SCHOTT
BOISMORTIER       Sonata in G Min.                           BÄRENREITER
CORRETTE              Concerto Comique                        AMADEUS
DROSTE-HULSHOFF Symphonie Concertante            BILLAUDOT
   (3 fl, orch)
KREBS                      Trio-Sonata                                   SCHOTT
MARCELLO             Concerto di Flauti                         NOVA
SCARLATTI             Sonata in F                                    MOECK
SCHICKHARDT       Sonata in D                                   OUP   
TELEMANN             Quartet in D minor (rec/vcl, 2 fl)  BREITKOPF
VIVALDI                    Concerto in D (fl.,2 vls)                 MUSICA RARA   

 FOUR FLUTES AND PIANO:  * = Suitable for massed flutes
BONNEAU                Divertissement                              LEDUC
CAMPIONI               Sonata Pastorale                           ZIMMERMANN
FAURE                    *Cantique de Jean Racine              ALRY/WYE
GUILLEMAIN           Sonate a 4                                     BREIT. & H.
KELLER, G               Sonata in C                                   NOVA
LOEILLET                Quintet in B minor                        HORTUS MUSICUS
MARCELLO             Concerto                                       KUNZELMANN
MOLTER                  Three Concertos                           UE
PAISIBLE                  Sonata                                           SCHOTT
PEPUSCH, J.C.         Six Concertos                                MUSICA RARA
SCARLATTI, A.        Sonata in A                                    MOECK
SCHICKHARDT       Musica Da Camera                       BREIT. & HARTEL
SCHICKHARDT     *Six Concertos                                HORTUS MUSICUS

 FIVE OR MORE FLUTES:  with keyboard
BERTALI, A           *Sonatella                                        SCHOTT
BOISMORTIER,    *6 Concertos (4 fl, bass fl)              HOFFMEISTER

PEPUSCH                *Quintet in F                                  SCHOTT     
SCARLATTI, A.      *Sonata in A Major                        MOECK
SCHMELZER, J     *Sonata for 7 Recorders                SCHOTT
TELEMANN             Concerto for 6 instruments          SCHOTT
BACH, C.P.E.            Trio in E (2 fl, bc)                         ZIMMERMANN
                                   Trio Sonata in Bb                        PETERS
                                   Trio Sonata in G (fl, vln, bc)        MUSICA RARA
BACH, J.S.                Trio Sonata in Bb                         PETERS
                                   Trio in G                                      UE
BACH J.C.F.              Sonata in D                                  NAGELS
BACH,W.F.                3 Trio Sonatas                             AMADEUS
CORELLI                  Six Trio Sonatas                          AMADEUS
                                   Six Trio Sonatas                          UE
                                   Three Sonatas                              PETERS
CORRETTE              Concerto                                       SCHOTT  
HANDEL                   Trio Sonata in g (2 fl, bc)              OUP
                                   Trio Sonata in c (fl, ob/vln, pno)  SCHOTT
HASSE                       Trio Sonata in G                           SCHOTT
HOFFMEISTER       Concerto No.1 Op.64                   KUNZELMANN
HOTTETERRE         Numerous
KLEINKNECHT       Trio Sonata in Bb                         NOVA
LECLAIR                  Numerous                                      SCHOTT
LOCATELLI             Trio Sonata in E                           LOCATELLI
LOEILLET                Trio Sonatas                                 SCHOTT
"                                  Trio Sonata in F                           AMADEUS
"                                 Trio Sonara in e                           SCHOTT
                                   Trio Sonata in e min.`                  SCHOTT  
LOTTI                        Sonata (fl, vc., pno)                      ZIMMERMANN
MARAIS                    Suite (2 fl, bc)                                UE     
PURCELL, D            Trio Sonatas                                  SCHOTT
                                  Chaconne                                      SCHOTT
QUANTZ                   Sonatas (2 fl, bc)                           SCHOTT
  "                              Trio Sonatas                                 AMADEUS
SCHICKHARDT      Variations on La Follia                 NOVA
SCHAFFRATH         Trio in d min.                                PAN 861
SIMONETTI             6 Sonatas for 2 Rec and Cont.     AMADEUS
TELEMANN             Trietti Methodiche e Scherzi        BREITKOPF
                                  Trio Sonata in g minor                  SCHOTT
                                  Trio Sonata in g min                     SCHOTT
                                   Trio Sonata in F (Fl, ob)               AMADEUS
                                  Trio Sonata in F (fl, vl or fl)         SCHOTT
                                  Concerto di Camera                     SCHOTT   
VALENTINE             Chacone                                        UE
VIVALDI                   Trio in a minor (fl, bsn, bc)           MUSICA RARA
                                  Concerto in G minor
                                        (fl, fl/ob, vcl/bsn)                       RICORDI

BOISMORTIER       Concerto in E min
                                        (fl, vln,ob, bsn, bc)                   RICORDI
BOZZA                      Trio en Pieces (fl, ob)                   LEDUC
BACH, C.P.E.           Trio in F (bass fl, vla, hpchd         SCHOTT
BACH, W.F.              Trio in G Dur (2 fl, vla/bsn)          HORTUS .MUSICUS
BRITTEN                  Gemini Variations, Op. 73           B & H  
                                                   (fl, vln; both play pno)
CUI, C                        5 Petite Duos                                BELAIR
DAMASE                   Trio,fl, vcl, harp (could be pno)   LEMOINE
DEMERSSEMANN Trio, fl, ob., pno                            ENOCH
DONIZETTI              Trio (fl, bsn, pno)                         PETERS
FRANCAIX               Musique de Coeur  fl., vln., pf      SCHOTT
GOOSSENS E           5 Impress. of a Holiday fl, vc, pf. CHESTER
                                  4 Sketches  fl. vln. pf.                    CHESTER
                                  Suite   fl, vln, hp                            CHESTER  
HAHN R.                   Romance fl, vla, pf.                       HEUGEL
HAYDN                     Trio, No. 29, 30, 31. Pf, fl, vc       BR. & H.
                                  3 Sonatas Op 11, fl, vln, vc.          MUSICA RARA
HONEGGER             Rapsodie (2 fl, cl, pno)                 SALABERT  
                                   Concerto da camera (fl, CA, och            “”
                                  Suite  fl, vln, pf                              SENART
                                   Petite Suite 2 Instr., pf.               ED. SOC. INT.
IBERT                        Deux Interludes
                                           (fl, vln, hchd/pno)                   LEDUC
                                    Aria  fl, vln, pf.                             LEDUC
D'INDY, V.                Trio  fl, vc, pf.    ?
KROMMER, F.         Concertante (fl, ob, vln, pno)       HOFFMEISTER
KUMMER, C.           Trio (fl, cl, bsn)                             AMADEUS
LOTTI, A.                  Trio Sonata (fl, vcl, hpschd)         ZIMMERMANN
MARTINU                 Madrigal Sonata (fl, vln, pno)      AMP
                                   Sonata  fl, vln, pf.                         BARENREITER
                                   Promenades  fl, vln, H.chd           BARENREITER
                                   Madrigal Sonata  fl, vla, Pf.        AMP
                                   Madrigal Sonata  fl, vc, pf.          SCHOTT
                                   Sonate for fl/ob/cl & pf                       ??
MELLERS, W.          Trio (fl, vc, pno)                            NOVELLO
PIERNE                     Serenade  Fl, vc, pf.                     LEDUC
                                   Sonata da Camera  Fl, vc, pf.      LEDUC
PONCHIELLI           Quartetto (fl, ob, Eb cl, Bb cl, pf) RICORDI
RIES, F.                     Trio in E-dur (pno, fl, vcl)             KUNZELMANN
SAINT-SAENS          Caprice on Danish and Russian  
                                    Airs, Op. 79 (fl, ob, cl, pno)         DURAND
SCHMITT, F             Sonatine en Trio (pno, fl, cl)         DURAND
                                   Minorites  fl, vln, pf.                     DURAND
                                   Pour Presque Tous les Temps
                                        fl,vln pf                                      DURAND
SHOSTAKOVICH    Four Waltzes (picc & fl, cl, pno)   MUSICA RARA

SIMONETTI             Trio Sonata for Fl., bass fl,
                                            & cont.                                  AMADEUS
SMYTHE E                Var. on Bonny Sweet Robin
                                                      fl,va,pf.                      OUP    
                                    Concerto di Camera.
                                          Fl., 2 Vls. & BC                     SCHOTT
WEBER                     Trio (fl, vcl, pno)   IMC,               SCHOTT
ARNOLD                   Divertimento (fl, ob, cl)                PATERSON PUB
                                  Trio (fl, vla, bsn)                           PATTERSON
BACH, J.S.                            (2 fl, vcl)                            FORBERG  
BACH, W.F.              Trio (2 fl, vla)                                H MUSICUS
BEETHOVEN           Trio, Op. 38-39 (fl, bsn, pno)       BREIT. & H.
BOZZA                      Three Pieces (fl, ob/fl)                  LEDUC
CALL, L.V.                Duo  Fl. & Fag (Vc.)                     AMADEUS
CAMBINI                  Sonatas, 2 vol. (fl, vcl/bsn)            AMADEUS
CORELLI, A.             Sonata for 4 melody instruments
                                                        fl/rec/vln, bsn, etc.)  KUNZELMANN
DEBUSSY                  Sonata (fl, vla, harp)                    DURAND
FIALA                        Duo Concertante (fl/ob, bsn/vcl)  NOVA
GIORDANI               Trio in G (fl, vla, vcl)                    AMADEUS
GINASTERA             Duo (fl, ob)                                   MERCURY MUS.
KUMMER                 Trio (fl, cl, bsn)                             AMADEUS