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        The Flute Studio.  Details and Application Form. The Studio is now full for 2018.

        The Carnival Concert. DVDs and CDs. Jazz arrangements.  Photos

        Reviews and comments on books, concerts and master classes

        Cooper's Scale revisited. 12 popular misconceptions; Testing your flute; Revised Scale 2012

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Carnival Concert Reviews Flute Studio Diary

 Trevor Wye


Cooper's Scale revisited

 Details of new book: Flute Secrets published 09/17; reprinted with updates, 05/18 .

Complete list of Trevor Wye’s books and editions

Flute Secrets

     YouTube performances.

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One Fine Day. Puccini. Played on a bicycle pump.

The Minute Waltz. Chopin. Played on a Radcliff System flute.

The Swan. Saint-Saens. Played on a bicycle pump.

A flute is made from a vegetable carrot and played.

The Triple Flageolet. The rarest member of the flute family.

The Electronic Flute. Changes colour when played.

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