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        The Flute Studio.  Details and Application Form. Applications are now invited for 2019/2020.

        The Carnival Concert. DVDs and CDs. Jazz arrangements.  Photos

        Reviews and comments on books, concerts and master classes

        Cooper's Scale revisited. 12 popular misconceptions; Testing your flute; Revised Scale 2012


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Carnival Concert Reviews Flute Studio Diary

 Trevor Wye


Cooper's Scale revisited

Details of new book: Flute Secrets published 09/2017; reprinted with updates, 2018 .

Complete list of Trevor Wye’s books and editions

Flute Secrets

     YouTube performances.

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One Fine Day. Puccini. Played on a bicycle pump.

The Minute Waltz. Chopin. Played on a Radcliff System flute.

The Swan. Saint-Saens. Played on a bicycle pump.

A flute is made from a vegetable carrot and played.

The Triple Flageolet. The rarest member of the flute family.

The Electronic Flute. Changes colour when played.

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