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The Flute Studio. Details of the Course and an Application Form. I place still vacant

My publications listed.

The Carnival Concert. DVDs and jazz arrangements for 5 flutes for sale. Details.

The Revised Scale 2012.

New book: Flute Secrets. Details and reviews.

Biography and photos.

Popular YouTube videos

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Chopin: The Minute Waltz played on a Radcliff System flute.

Saint-Saens’ The Swan performed on a normal bicycle pump.

A flute is made from a vegetable carrot and played.

See and hear the rarest member of the flute family, the Triple Flageolet.

 The incredible Electronic iFlute: it changes colour when played.

For worldwide flute information, try the flute encyclopaedia: Fluteark:-  

                                                                                 Trevor Wye